Technical Support

Issues we frequently address

  • System Won’t Turn On or Boot

  • Windows “Blue Screen of Death” and Error messages

  • Computer Freezing Up

  • Virus Removal

  • Installation of Anti-Virus & Firewall

  • Setup Internet Connections, Firewall, and Security Software

  • Configuring Firewalls

  • Configuring Security Software

  • Windows Updates

  • Reinstall Windows

  • Upgrading Windows

  • Repair DLL Messages or Startup Problems Related to Windows

  • Remove Popup Ads

  • Slow Performance

  • Back-up Hard Drive, iPod, or iPhone

  • Cannot Connect to Internet (no issue from ISP side)

  • Printer Installation

  • Cannot Print, Scan, or Send Fax

  • Microsoft Office Problems

  • Setup of MS Outlook or Outlook Express

  • Unable to Send or Receive Emails

  • Setup Email Clients like Incredimail, Thunderbird, and Opera

  • Unable to Download or Install Software or Applications

  • Wireless Internet Setup

  • Wireless Printer Setup

  • Setup and Configure Computer or Laptop

  • Help Using a Digital Camera with your PC

  • Help Printing Photos from a Digital Camera

  • Configuring Ports and Routers to Enhance Security

  • Support for Configuring Windows Defender or other Security Software

Web Site Design


$250 -  5 Pages : Designed for small businesses on a budget.

Includes : Search Engine Submissions 


$500 -  10 Pages : Designed for the average small business.

Includes : Search Engine Submissions, Optimization

Additional web site modifications (forms, side shows, etc) billable at $60/hr.


When we undertake a website project, we begin by discussing your requirements, and then prepare a statement of work that also includes our fees and other charges. Once you have agreed to the statement of work, changes can not be made without the agreement of both of us. In most cases, this results in a fixed price that is based on a measurable unit of work.





Web Site Audit

Google has gotten more stringent with its penalties for everything from obvious link spam to having too high of a ratio of ads to content. Additionally search engines are constanly applying new filters to manage their search results accuracy. Getting a semi-annual or yearly site audit has become a business necessity to maintain a strong  top result presence in search engines.

What is a Site Audit?
Site audits are, in the simplest terms, when you pay someone to forensically examine your site with tools and utilizing their knowledge and expertise to tell you what is good and what is not so good about your site.

What Does an Audit Look Like?
Everyone presents the data interpretation in their own way, so there is no right or wrong way to present or interpret the data as long as it works for you and you get the value needed from the audit. That said, there are few things that always should be in your reports:

  • Summary Analysis with Points of Action: Your audit is going to contain a lot of information. Your audit should contain a summary analysis that helps you quickly understand where your site stands, what the issues are and where your points of action are going to be.


  • Red Flag Warnings: Your auditor may call these warnings something else, but your site analysis should contain references to any potential site issues whether it is a penalty or conversion.


  • Data: The auditor should have site data and tool metrics in the report that show you that when they say for example: your site might be penalized for thin content why they are saying your site might be penalized for thin content.


  • Actionable Recommendations: Every site audit should have actionable recommendations that help you implement the findings of the audit.



NAS systems design and maintenance

Network Addressable Storage (NAS) is needed when multiple people need access to the same files.

Network-attached storage is a file-level computer data storage server connected to a computer network providing data access to a group of clients. 


High performance storage systems design and maintenance

High performance storage systems combine the throughput of multiple disks using a myriad of strategies to deliver high volumes of data at high speed. 

Fetching and writing data to and from disk is typically the slowest operation in a data manipulation program.

The right storage system design can reduce a twenty hour run time report to less then an hour. 

We have experience managing the following systems and management of over a Petabyte of storage.

  • 3PAR 

  • Data Domain

  • EMC C500


  • EMC Isilon


  • Equalogic

  • HP MSA

  • NetApp (Single, Cluster, Metacluster)

  • Synology


Published on  January 3rd, 2016